By coincidence, or to put it bluntly, because I had to, I taught myself how to make my illustrations more graphical.

It gives me joy to create illustrations and designs for brands, thus the illustrations become a powerful tool to explain a story.
Combined with the right font in amazing copy your brand can make a huge impact.

Thank you card designs for Bocca

Sticker design for Bocca

Christmas card design for Bocca

Graphic design & flyer for e-mail marketing for Bocca

B Corp x Bocca concept - GIF (to use on social channels, branding, e-mail marketing)

Brander1 Packaging for disposable coffee capsules (initial concept not mine, but realisation done by me)

Fabric Print Designs for The Paws


Graphics / Moods for Social Media 2019/2020


The Paws - how to wear instruction - 2019

Little Stories - Size guide 2019


Glow - logo for a Dutch beauty salon -2018


Technical drawings for fashion production line - Bali 2019